Tbs Collective Agreement La

(3) Any new compensation plan to which this section applies and any new collective agreement and arbitration award involving such a scheme are rates of pay that are not authorized by collective agreement – 64.02 The NJC points that may be included in a collective agreement are the points designated by the parties to the NJC agreements as such or through the chairs of the Federal Committee on Labour Relations and Employment of the Public Sector , in accordance with clause (c) of the NJC agreement that came into force on December 6, 1978, as amended from time to time. 20.04 Without prejudice to the position that the employer or the Union wishes to adopt in the future on the appropriateness of regulating collective agreements, the themes that can be defined for joint consultation are dealt with with the agreement of the parties. In order to improve security, payments under paragraphs 62.04 to 62.07 or similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered a termination benefit for the management of this clause. 2. The tax office may amend all conditions of a compensation plan that are extended pursuant to Section 5 or 6 or that apply to Section 11, or a collective agreement or arbitration award that contains such a compensation plan where, according to the Treasury Board, these conditions are necessary for the transformation or reclassification necessary for the implementation of a new classification standard or standard. (2) Subject to paragraph 3, in the case of a compensation plan not included in a collective agreement or arbitration award, the terms of the plan may be changed, with other conditions applicable to rates of pay or any form of compensation provided for in paragraph 5 (1.1) of the manner in which the plan was drawn up. 17.25 The Union may make a group complaint to the employer on behalf of workers in the collective agreement unit who feel incriminated by the usual interpretation or application of an interpretation of collective agreements or arbitrations for these workers. (6) Nothing in this section affects a division of labour agreement that has been approved within the meaning of Section 24 of the Unemployment Insurance Act. 17.38 Both parties to this agreement identify the person entitled to receive an insurance claim after receiving an insurance claim: 18.03 By mutual consent, the parties may use a mediator to resolve a complaint dealing with discrimination.

The selection of the mediator is done by mutual agreement. Pay rates will change within one hundred and eighty (180) after the signing of the Collective Financial Management Agreement (FI). In accordance with Schedule “E” of the FI collective agreement, rates are paid in the form of lump sum payments before wage changes: (2) The tax office and negotiators may, by appointment, amend the labour adjustment directive in writing, but only with respect to their collective agreements or arbitration awards, whether their collective agreements or arbitration awards are in force or have ceased their activities.