Pittsburgh Public Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

LaTrenda Sherrill, a member of the collective, had two questions from the school`s management on Monday: didn`t you hear us? Do you decide to ignore us? Wilson said the board will face a number of critical considerations in the coming months, including collective agreements and an unprecedented and “worrying” financial future. Since June 1, the collective “Black Women for Better Education” (BWFBE) has been asking the Board of Directors not to renew Hamlet`s contract. The collective`s letter, which came from more than 50 black educators, public servants and parents, listed financial management, management of the COVID 19 crisis and management of the organization as reasons for contract renewal. Developing PGH Bulletins updates you on the Pittsburgh area economy, including the close coverage of the urban renewal authority, the planning commission and other important agencies. Please look back regularly, sign up for the Develop PGH newsletter and send rich@publicsource.org with questions, tips or story ideas. Many board members have reacted to Udin or other public criticism when they made statements about their vote. The administration and the PFT did not agree on denials when the two-year contract expired in June 2017. Negotiations continued until June 30, 2017, without agreement, resulting in an objective process of fact-finding by third parties, concluded by a neutral fact-finding person appointed in October by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. The new teacher contract removes what was considered the August 1 rule.

According to the fact-finding report, if a teacher is hired after August 1, if the principal is required to complete the staff, the position retains an “empty” label until the next recruitment period. According to the Landkreis, nearly 100 employees moved out last year and were mainly from troubled schools. Arrangements are being made to allow the Pittsburgh School District Board to vote on the proposed agreement. Sherrill was one of several members of the BWFBE collective at the public hearing, who expressed concern about the renewal of Hamlet`s contract. On February 28, 2018, Pittsburgh Public Schools and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers agreed on interim contracts for 2,400 teachers, 565 paragliders and 20 technicians, ending months of negotiations and renewing the city`s tradition of remaining non-striking for more than four decades. The new agreement will replace a 2010 teacher performance-based salary plan. According to a state-commissioned fact-finding report, drafted and published last fall with contributions from both parties, the two parties agreed at that time to eliminate the model. The union also negotiated agreements for paragliders and clerical workers. While 90 per cent of clerical technical workers approved of the new agreement, 77 per cent of paraprofits did so.

Esposito-Visgitis said that the conditions of residence of paragliders will continue in the next round of negotiations.