Fidelity Debit Card Agreement

7. If the card is lost, misplaced or stolen, or if the cardholder is aware of an abuse or if the cardholder has reason to believe that the PIN may have been discovered by another person, the cardholder must immediately inform the cardholder in writing or orally (confirmed in writing). Where possible and until such notice is received, FBB is authorized to debit the account for amounts withdrawn or transferred when using the card. If the card is lost, misplaced or stolen, or for some reason responsible for abuse, or a PIN code is passed on to another person or is known to them, or if the FBB has reason to believe it, the FBB can inform the police and provide them with the information they need. OTHER ACCORDS This agreement replaces and replaces all previous card agreements. The terms and conditions applicable to all agreements, rules and rules governing the operation of the account remain in full force and apply to each transaction, unless the terms of this contract expressly alter or change it. CARD REPLACEMENT As soon as you receive notification that a card is damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen, the card is immediately blocked; However, the card will not be replaced until the bank has received a written letter from the customer requesting a replacement card. The client must confirm this in writing within seven (7) days. 19. The card can be used to make purchases from participating merchants and the amount applicable to these purchases is debited electronically from the designated primary account. 18.

The cardholder agrees that any transaction initiated at an ATM is subject to the published fees and fees from time to time and that these fees and fees are electronically charged to the cardholder`s account (s) once the transaction has been completed. 30. The cardholder understands that it is not a credit card and that the dollar amount of purchases made with that card is deducted from the primary account of the cardholder designated by the FBB. The cardholder agrees to be bound from time to time by the terms of this agreement, which are amended by the FBB. The primary account nominated on your debit card (card) can be a Bahama Dollar (KYD) Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Ltd., (FBB) chequing or savings account and is designated by you (nominated Primary Account). 25. Purchases from merchants and at-GO withdrawals are deducted from the primary account designated by the cardholder. The following rules and conditions apply to all VISA FBB debit card holders. 1.

The use of the card or the signing of this card constitutes the acceptance of this agreement. 28. The BBF may renew the card at its sole discretion and all fees may be changed without notice, in accordance with a pricing plan that is published from time to time by the bahamas banks. If the cardholder`s account is debited without prior agreement and transferred to collection, collection and potential legal fees are charged to the cardholder and must be paid by the cardholder upon request. The cardholder authorizes the BBB to debit all accounts of the cardholder to the FBB or one of its subsidiaries for the amounts that will induce the recovery of all accounts giving birth to the card, and this authorization applies notwithstanding the fact that all or part of the funds held on your balance have been deposited for a specified period that may not have expired. or may be denominated in another currency.